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The beginnings of the early 1980s were the establishment of the first iron and steel factory by the founder Pierre Babikian and some friends, according to the latest technology of the induction furnaces from Belgium Company “Elphiac”. The start was with production of all spare parts for agricultural and industrial machines, spare parts of plant equipment and cement crushers.

In fact this was a leading manufacturer of inspiration for many to establish similar factories in the domestic market, which showed a new need by securing all the necessary raw materials for the metal industries, and this is called the founder Pierre Babikian in the late eighties to establish an independent trading company for importing all materials, such us: precoated resin sands, concretes, refractories, bentonite, graphite, foundry coke, linings, ferro alloys, analytical and temperature instruments, induction furnaces, and many others.

Babikian Company

became the first private commercial company established in the Syrian market, which is concerned with the requirements and materials of the metal industry, and became the official representative of many European and international companies in this field.

But expansion in number of local factories: metals melting plants, rolling mills and cement factories has necessitated our continuous reading for the new reality of the market requirements, in addition to the large and continuous development of the technologies and materials used in those industries. The company has maintained its leading position with entering the latest technology and products in the local market.

One of the most important policies of our company to maintain the credibility of the quality of its products to its customers is always dealing with international producers to provide the best product guaranteed.

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